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Compression Male Branch Tees

These compression fittings require no flaring, soldering, tube preparation or special tools to operate. Compression fittings are especially useful in installations that may require occasional disassembly or partial removal for maintenance since the fitting can be broken and remade without affecting the integrity of the joint. Our brass compression Tee fittings are available in different sizes and specifications and used for many applications.

• Brass IS-319 Free Cutting Brass
• Brass BS-249
• CZ -360 High Grade brass and any special brass material composition as per customer specifications.

• BSP Threads
• BSPT Threads
• UNEF Threads
• NPTF Threads
• NPT Threads
• Metric Threads & any special threads as per customer specifications.

• The products can be provided with Natural, Brass Chrome, Nickel Plated & any special finish/platting as per customer specifications.

Compression Male Branch Tees
Compression Male Branch Tees
Compression Male Branch Tees